Professional CNC Turning in Fareham

On our Dugard Eagle CNC lathe we can manufacture everything from single components up to thousands of components with complete ease.
The Dugard Eagle has a rigid design which makes it a very reliable production machine maintaining tight tolerances with quick production times.

Plant List

    • Ctec machining center
    • Haas Mini Mill
    • Dugard Eagle lathe
    • Ona wire eroder
    • Jones & Shipman 540P
    • Various drilling
    • 1 seat Partmaster CAD/CAM-DNC linked
    • OneCNC 3D CAD/CAM-DNC linked

CNC Milling

We have 2 CNC VMC Machining centres. The Ctec Power Centre which has a maximum machining area of 850mm x 500mm x 400mm, and our Hass Mini mill with a machining area of 400mm x 300mm x 250mm

These VMC machines are fully supported by 3D CNC CAD/CAM software. This gives us complete control over our production of NC programs ensuring we get it right to your drawings first time, maintaining a quick production process from your order – to NC programs – to quick machining of components.

CNC Wire Erosion

On our Ona Wire eroder we can cut intricate shapes in difficult-to-machine hard or soft ferrous metals, to very close tolerances. All our programs are produced by partmaster programming system, which allows us to work directly from our customer .DXF drawing data.
This means if we have the material in stock and your information we could be cutting your components within 15 minutes of receipt of your order. We offer quality CNC turning for customers in Fareham and nationwide, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us today if you have any questions.